Momma Dee Threatens to Sue Diamond

Momma-dee-threatens-lawsuit-against-scrappys-ex-diamond-for hashing-up-old-dirt-0814-2
Momma Dee Threatens to Sue Diamond!

Bad Blood runs thick when it comes to Momma Dee and Scrappy‘s ex-girl and former Crime Mob rapper Diamond after a messy split so now Momma Dee Threatens to Sue Diamond!

SLANDER is NOT pretty and Momma Dee is letting Diamond know that if she keeps re-hashing an old beef and her past relationship with scrappy for story line purposes for her new gig on Sisterhood of Hip Hop.

To recap, Diamond was in a successful hip hop group that was on the come up, and when they hit platinum status she went solo and the band dissolved. From there she hooked up with Scrappy and when things didn’t go her way she jumped to Soulja Boy since he was a platinum selling artist. In 2011, when Diamond dumped Scrappy for Soulja Boy and then flaunted her new relationship in his face. Dolla signs lite up in her eyes, but her career was still flatline, and her music was less than good.

Apparently Diamond has resorted to re-heating the old beef to promote her new reality show on Oxygen ‘The Sisterhood of Hip Hop’, dredging up tales about Mama Dee stealing from her and trashing her condo.

In response Mama Dee slapped Diamond with a cease and desist notice and her rep tells The Examnier:

“It is unfortunate that Ms.Carpentero aka Diamond continues to slander my client and her son in the press. The relationship between my client’s son and Ms. Carpentero ended years ago yet she continues to talk about Momma Dee in a negative light, most recently making false claims that my client stole property.

We are not taking such accusations lightly and will use the appropriate channels to handle the defamation of character should Ms. Carpentero continue to make said claims. We wish Diamond well in all her future endeavors.”

What are your thoughts?