Mob Wives Producer Exposed


Mob Wives Producer Exposed?!?

In a SHOCKING new reveal, Renee Graziano’s sister Jen Graziano, Mob Wives Producer Exposed for being a racist and being one of those people who live the reality they are trying to accuse you of!

See, caught wind of this SHOCKER via RealityAH who is reporting that Mob Wives producer Jenn Graziano have spent every season trying to set up the cast for ratings and this year Natalie Guercio was their target!

You might ask who is the RAT? It seemed to be the them of season 6 of Mob Wives. Although we love Renee Graziano, Drita and Big Ang, this season was somewhat exhausting and now this story surfaces about JustJenn Productions.

It’s Too Much…

Jenn Graziano, Renee Graziano sister, and the theme for this season was just like Drita Davanzo said, “A f*cking episode of CSI!”

Here is what’s being said about Jenn Productions:

Jenn (who plays a very big hand in editing) made sure that everyone’s storyline would involve recordings of Natalie lying about being abused, Being a RAT and being racist.

Well, the racist recording they saved especially for the reunion but here’s where it gets interesting. Jenn Graziano has her own DOCUMENTED past of coming from a family of racists.

While recordings can be edited and chopped to whatever someone wants them to be, unfortunately court documents CANNOT!
Our friends at RealityTVScandals have obtained documents from when Jenn was arrested and in these documents Jenn’s argument to not go to prison was that there would no one to care for her son (who was only TWO years old) since he was biracial.

Yup! Jenn’s own family (INCLUDING RENEE) would not take care of her son while she was away because he was half of a race they do not like. Jenn was sentenced to 21 months in a Federal Prison and her partner in crime was Hector Pagan. Hector received 11 years for murdering James Donovan.

Jenn was arrested for what look like drug related charges and since it was in a Federal Court we are assuming it had to be serious. Jenn’s husband ran a drug ring and when he was arrested for murder Jenn took over the “business.”
Jenn’s attorney, Paul Lemole, tried getting Jenn a reduced sentenced and blamed her mental health status.

Listed in the document are the parties below as well as snippets from the document

The Court: Judge Charles P Sipton

Paul Lemole: Jennifer Graziano’s Attorney

Ms. Nordenbrook: Ruth Nordenbrook Prosecutor

The Defendant: Jennifer Graziano

MR. LEMOLE: Well, Judge, I really don’t have too much to add to my submissions. I asked Your Honor for a downward departure basically for various identified bases. Namely, her extraordinary family circumstance, and not that I want to rehash what I wrote because I thought what I submitted to Your Honor was as complete as I could make it. But here is a girl, Judge, notwithstanding her psychological problems, diagnosed disorders, which is even supported by the government psychologist, Judge, she stands before the Court with a one-and-three-quarter-two-year-old child, Judge, who who is basically, if I might, Judge, a — a product of an interracial relationship. Her family, Judge, doesn’t look kindly upon it. Her family can’t take care of this child. They won’t take care of it. They won’t treat this child like a, quotes, white human being.

The prosecutor also SLAMMED the claims of Jennifer Graziano’s “psychological problems” by revealing Jenn has a master degree in Psychology. 

Read the court document of Jen Graziano-doc here….

while Jenn is in the hot seat, we’ve also learned about some uncleared RUMORS that we found out were lies, so we are clearing them up via RAH:

Rumor has it, Jenn was so desperate hurt Natalie Guercio that she hired Natalie DiDonato and they two LIED about Nat D’s connection to the mob and her relation to Frankie Flowers!

As for, Karen, Ramona, and Carla…They were all fired from the show because they FIRED Jenn as their manager. You can call it retaliation, but obviously Karen and Carla came back for season 6, because the show was lacking last season. Don’t believe the BS that Drita had this magical power in them losing their job.

Drita had NOTHING to do with it, It’s not true!