Mister Cee Message to Young Buck Dating Transgender Woman

Mister Cee Message to Young Buck Dating Transgender WomanMister Cee Message to Young Buck Dating Transgender Woman

Radio personality Mister Cee is here to give rapper Young Buck some guidance for Young Buck as he faces speculation he’s dating a transgender woman.

The former New York City’s HOT 97 icon Mister Cee makes perfect sense and hopes that Young Buck listens to his advise. Read on to listen to Mister Cee Message to Young Buck…

CelebNMusic247.com report that Mister Cee says that Young Buck needs to face adversity and stand tall, and do not let this ruin his career. He feels that Buck needs to do what he NEEDS to do and to continue to be the best rapper he can be.

Mister Cee tells Young Buck to face your truth, and at the end of the day you family, friends and hip hop will embrace you. You still Young Buck regardless of your sexuality.

If you recall, Cee plead guilty to engaging in prostitution with a well-known transgendered prostitute, Lawrence Campbell, back in 2011. Two years later he was also in trouble for soliciting someone who turned out to be an undercover officer.

He’s offering words of encouragement for Young Buck, who has been linked to a transgender woman:

I want to send a message to Young Buck. Young Buck, I’ve been through the same situation you’ve been through bro. Whether your situation is true or false, I’ve been through the same situation you’ve been through. Got arrested back in 2011 for some illegal activity of being involved with a man… got arrested again in 2013 for the same activity. You didn’t get arrested… so your situation is different. But it still involves a transgender woman.

He went on to say he wanted to give him “guidance” as someone who has gone through the same thing.

Cee goes on:

First and foremost bro, don’t block your Instagram. Your Instagram wasn’t blocked before. Everybody deals with trials and tribulations differently… don’t block your Instagram. You had an open page before everything went down…When I went through everything, I never blocked my Instagram. I let the comments come through, whatever people wanted to say about me, good, bad and ugly… If it got too outrageous and somebody said something super disrespectful, of course they got blocked. But I never blocked my Instagram. I stood tall through all the adversity, good, bad and ugly.

Cee adds:

Do things at your own pace. Whether it’s true or not true. Face this adversity at your own pace and stand tall bro.

He concludes:

It’s hard when you’re known as a heterosexual man and you go through this situation. There’s no rulebook, there’s no guidance…

Despite Mister Cee’s advice, Buck took to social media saying:

Some Of You MF’s Will Believe Anything ??????…. #Lesson1?…The Internet Didn’t Make Buck…And It Dam Sure Can’t Break Buck?!! Now Take Ya Nosey Ass Fingers And Hit That #Follow Button Why You Reading….And…

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