Miranda Kerr + Katy Perry Selfie; What Does This Mean

Miranda Kerr Katy Perry selfie

OK! Katy Perry is dating Orlando Bloom, but Katy Perry is hanging with Miranda Kerr talking selfies, Miranda Kerr is the ex-wife of Orlando Bloom? What does this all mean?

Flip and get the latest tea on Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry taking selfies on the flip…

Miranda Kerr Katy Perry selfie

Confused? Well you won’t be once CelebNMusic247.com sorts out the conflama between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr!

Apparently there is no bad blood between Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry, especially since they took a selfie together like they’re Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. See, Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife, and his new girlfriend, Katy, when they met up backstage at a fashion event in Los Angeles.

Miranda Kerr, 33, stopped to take a selfie with her ex-hubby’s new love, Katy Perry, 31, at a fashion event in LA on June 10. Earlier this year, the pop star confirmed she was dating the Victoria Secret model’s ex, actor Orlando Bloom, 39. Ever since then, rumors that Miranda and Katy have it out for each other have been spinning around. The two ladies have taken it upon themselves to SHUT DOWN the gossipy lies that’s been spread by certain website. We wonder, is this the same site Justin Bieber is talking about?


Miranda Kerr is fine with Katy Perry having her sloppy seconds, because she’s totally moved on, though she still lives across the street from Orlando in Jersey. Kerr is dating the billionaire who created SnapChat, Evan Spiegel.

Miranda Kerr Katy Perry selfie

Win win right?

Go Miranda, now that is what we call “making smart moves and landing the right man.”

As for, Katy and Orlando, the two of them have been going strong. Earlier this year Katy joined Orlando and Flynn for the birthday party of Robert Downey Jr.‘s, 51, son Exton. Miranda and Orlando share an adorable son, Flynn Christopher, 5.