Miley Cyrus Unfollows Liam Hemsworth and Kaitlynn Carter

Miley Cyrus Unfollows Liam Hemsworth and Kaitlynn Carter

Miley Cyrus is all about ‘cancel culture’ as reports have confirmed that she has no unfollowed Liam Hemsworth and Kaitlynn Carter on Instagram.

In her typical and NOT so mature way, Miley Cyrus is moving on with her life and canceling out her past with unfollows. Read on to get more tea on why Miley Cyrus unfollows Liam Hemsworth… reports that the ‘Malibu’ hitmaker has cut social media ties with her exes starting with a very public move, unfollowing them.

Following her public split with Liam Hemsworth and her breakup from her rebound lesbian relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, Miley Cyrus is moving on.

Cyrus has officially cut ties with her exes, and although the exact timing of the move is unclear.

It looks like the ‘Malibu’ hitmaker may have unfollowed them after the respective break-ups.

The last photo she liked on ex-husband Liam’s account was a snap of them from June – when they were still together – while the last post she liked on Kaitlynn’s was from their summer getaway.

In return, it appears that Liam no longer follows Miley as well. There is just too much hurt there and it appears they’re putting each other behind themselves.

As for, Kaitlynn, who she recently split from after only a 30-day relationship is over. The thing is the 26-year-old singer admitted she had fallen head of heels for Brody Jenner’s ex.

Why Miley Dated Kaitlynn Carter:

The 29-year-old actor also doesn’t follow Miley, although the 31-year-old reality star still does.

In an essay for Elle, she wrote:

This past July, I went on vacation with a female friend; the next thing I knew, I was in love with her. It wasn’t quite that simple, of course. But it also wasn’t very complicated, either.  Until that trip, it had never crossed my mind that I was even capable of loving a woman the way I loved her. But after reflecting on my romantic history, I realized that I’ve never really had a ‘type.’ 

But she and Kaitlyn are done as well.

Meanwhile, word is, Liam Hemsworth already has eyes set on Maddison Brown, 22.

He was recently spotted on a date with her a recent lunch date in NYC. Unlike, Miley, Liam is taking things very very slow with the ‘Dynasty’ actress.

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