Mike Tyson CALLS OUT Boosie Badazz For Homophobic Remarks

Mike Tyson CALLS OUT Boosie Badazz For Homophobic Remarks

Mike Tyson CALLS OUT Boosie Badazz For Homophobic Remarks!

Boosie Badazz recently sat down with former boxing champ Mike Tyson for an episode of his podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson.

Tyson quickly put Boosie Badazz in the hot seat pressing the rapper over recent remarks he made months ago about Zaya Wade.

Mike asked:

Why do you say things about people who might be homosexual? Why do you say that about them? Do you feel there’s a possibility that you’re a homosexual and by disrespecting them it furthers yourself from being a homosexual? I’m thinking you may like homosexuals.

Read on to see how Boosie did nothing when Tyson asked the heated question. You know Boosie would’ve acting way different if he wasn’t afraid Iron Mike would knock his @ss out…

CelebnMusic247.com points out that Mike Tyson wanted to get straight to the point by asking Boosie Badazz about his messed up comment towards Dwayne Wade’s son.

Boosie looked frustrated when he responded:

No, I’m straight as an arrow…

Tyson continued to push Boosie about his quick and defensive response claiming he is “straight as an arrow.”:

If you’re straight then why do you offend people?

He explained:

I really commented on the Dwyane Wade situation because I got offended because it’s a child. That’s why I really got offended, you know. If it was a motherf*cking 19-year-old, 18-year-old, grown person, I probably wouldn’t have, I know I wouldn’t have said anything.

I just felt like that’s a child. A child at 12 can’t make that decision.

Boosie continued:

That’s just how I feel, and certain things I talk about, I just felt like that was going too far. You calling him a ‘her,’ that’s going too far. At 12 years old.

Tyson shared:

I agree with you 100 percent, me, I agree with you right, but check this out. Who the f*ck am I to say anything? What I think don’t mean a motherf*cking thing.

Later Boosie apologized to Dwyane Wade, saying:

Oh yeah, I apologize to Dwyane Wade. I mean what I said but…I shouldn’t have said the shit about your child.

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