Mike Posner Walking Across Arizona For Friend Ronnie [DONATE]

Mike Posner Walking Across Arizona For Friend Ronnie

Where is Mike Posner Now? Well he is walking across Arizona. He has already walked 11 states and over 2000 miles for himself.

Mike Posner has been walking across the United States of America for himself, but while he is walking across the state of Arizona he is doing that for his best friend Ronnie who died of a heart attack back in February. Read on to get more on Mike Posner CrowdFundMe

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest on Mike Posner and his “Walk Across America” who is now stating he will drop new music is people donate to his GoFundMe for Ronnie.

Mike Posner has been keeping his fans up to date on his progess walking across America via Twitter. He has overcome all obsitcles, and even had to relearn how to walk after a Rattlesnake bite. 

Now Posner has posted a GoFundMe asking to donate and create a college fund for his friend Ronnie’s daughters. Ronnie died earlier this year.

The singer writes:

My name is Mike Posner and I am walking across America. I’ve walked over 2,000 miles so far, across 11 states.

I’m walking across America for myself, but I’m walking across Arizona for Ronnie.

Ronnie Posey II was one of my best friends growing up. After my dad died, he always drove to my mom’s house to give her a gift on Mother’s Day.

On February 27th, 2019, right before I started this walk. Ronnie passed away in his sleep, at home in Detroit. He was 31 years old.

At the funeral, my mom and I watched, heartbroken, as Ronnie’s two daughters, Aautumn and Wynter, looked into the casket and saw their dad for the last time.

When I spoke at the funeral, I made a commitment that I would help make sure these two amazing girls were taken care of.

That’s why I’m raising $100,000 to make sure Aautumn and Wynter can go to college, debt free.

If we raise $50,000 – I’ll drop a new song.

If we raise $100,000 – I’ll drop a new mixtape.

Donate now and help Mike get Ronnie’s girls the money they need to go to college. If you have the money help, if you don’t then tell someone who can. It’s tax season and the 4th quarter, the time to give to charity…

Each state Mike has had goals and once he got to Arizona he dropped a new song called “Slow Down.”

Here is the video before he crossed into Arizona:

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