Migos Sean Kingston Fight Ends In Gun Shot; Man Arrested

Migos Sean Kingston Fight Ends In Gun Shot; Man Arrested


On Tuesday reports claim that Migos attacked Sean Kingston but things got gnarly when one of Kingston’s crew fired shots in the Las Vegas sky.

Get more details on Migos Sean Kingston fight and the man who was arrested…

Migos Sean Kingston Fight Ends In Gun Shot; Man Arrested

The reason for the fight is unknown and remains that way since Migos and Sean Kingston aren’t talking why or what evoked the brawl.

However, police did arrest one man who fired the gunshots. Moises Johnson, 28, of West Palm Beach, Florida, was detained by security guards before he was arrested. Johnson, who goes by the IG handle Bowe Jackk, was held in county jail on charges of felony assault with a weapon and carrying a firearm without a permit. He was detained by event security guards, and a .380-caliber handgun was seized from him before his arrest by cops.

Officer Danny Cordero said:

“The gunshot was fired in the air outside the Sands Expo & Convention Center, where a physical confrontation broke out following an argument between Migos and Kingston.”

Cordero also identified Johnson as part of a group accompanying Kingston at the venue hosting an expo called Agenda at the same time as the larger MAGIC Las Vegas fashion convention event centers.

No one was injured, and Migos and Kingston were not named as suspects in the case.

Migos Sean Kingston Fight Ends In Gun Shot; Man Arrested

Following the incident and after Mioses was arrest, booked and released from the Clark County Detention Center/Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Kingston took this photo and released this statement:

“These haters prayed on my downfall.. On all Ten Ya I stood Tall.. Time to Show these haters how to ball.. my brother @bowejackk wit me for life..”

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