Migos’ Offset on BLAST by Alleged Baby Mama Celina Powell

Migos’ Offset on BLAST by Alleged Baby Mama Celina Powell

A woman by the name of Celina Powell has taken to social media proclaiming that Offset is the father of her new child.

Offset, who states he has no clue who she is, has contested the validity of the screencaps, by pointing out Powell’s avatar shown in the messages does not match her timeline. Read on for the tea spilling…

Migos’ Offset on BLAST by Alleged Baby Mama Celina PowellCelebNMusic247.com has the latest drama surrounding Offset vs his alleged baby mama Celina Powell.

The side chick, Celina Powell and Offset have been going back and forth on social media since the Migos rapper is trying to use avatars to prove Celina Powell is making fraudulent claims.

Offset pointed out that the avatar she is showing in her tweets are from his 2016 avatar, NOT the 2017 avatar which would be the correct one. The Migos rapper also points out if there was any truth in her accusations the tweets would have the correct avatar!

Powell countered with the claim that the screenshot itself was taken on December 30, 2017. After she continued to her “money grab” claims, the “Ric Flair Dip” rappers lawyers had gone to TMZ with claims of extortion.

After hearing about man Offset entangled in some baby mama drama Cardi B took to social media to address the claims being made by Celina.

Bartier Cardi herself weighed in saying:

People are so miserable ?????they rather believe a lie just to talk about something ..you will soon thoo ??

The Bodack Yellow rapper got into it with a follower after they claimed:

A LIE is more ENTERTAINING then the TRUTH!

Lmaaooo but they rather believe a lie cause it’s entertaining????

Check the exchange between Offset and Celina: