Michael Strahan Refusing To Marry Nicole Murphy

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsMichael Strahan Refusing To Marry Nicole Murphy

Former NFL player and Kelly & Michael host, Michael Strahan is trying to protect himself from getting taken to the cleaners all over again.

There is no saying that  Nicole Murphy would drag him through the mud like his ex, but word is Michael will NOT marry Nicole Murphy until she agrees to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Basically, Strahan has bounced back and now is worth over $35 million, so he is trying to protect his pockets.

A pal tells Star:

Nicole has been pushing Micheal to set a date, but he’s insisting she sign a prenuptial agreement.”

The Live with Kelly & Michael host has his reasons: The twice-divorced father of four is worth $35 million, and his ex-wives have cost him a fortune.

Nevertheless, the friend adds that Nicole is hurt and thinks he’s setting their marriage up for failure.

Nicole signed a prenup when she married Eddie Murphy and walked away with a one time lump payment of $15 million. You may think its a lot of money until you see that Eddie Murphy is worth well over $100 million.

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  • I do not understand it when famous people have millions of dollars and won’t have their teeth fixed. He is not attractive anyway, plus his teeth is hidious! Michael S. go to the dentist. It doesn’t cost that much to get your grill fixed. That space right in the front of your mouth is horrendous!!! Nicole do not marry him until he fixes his mouth. Plz.