Michael Jai White Talks Furthering his Career and Brand

Michael Jai White Talks Furthering his Career and Brand


Michael Jai White is talking about being able to follow his dreams as an actor and being a martial artist. He’s been able to accomplish his goals and more.

From “Spawn” to “Why Did I Get Married”, Michael Jai White has been able to be a diverse actor and now he’s expanding his brand. Read on…

Michael Jai White Talks Furthering his Career and Brand

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest on one of our favorite actors, Michael Jai White who is now moving into producing, expanding his brand and making boss moves.

He continues to stay engaged with his fans by using social media, and now Michael Jai White is going ‘Outlaw’ according to a recent Tweet:

Michael recently sat down with Cyrus Webb to discuss his career as an actor, being a martial artist and what he’s doing next.

Michael Jai White Gets New Ink

Jai White said that he’s proud that he’s been able to play some iconic characters in his career, since fans continue to call him by Marcus (Why Did I Get Married) or Tyson (Spawn) which has helped him brand himself.

Michael Jai White Talks Furthering his Career and Brand

Michael said “I came to LA purposely not taking action roles” so he would be taken serious as an actor. He took on the “ass kicker” roles later.

he is dedicated to his craft of martial arts. He explains that martial arts has been the “greatest element” in his life. It has helped him to be able to “test his will” and “overcome obstacles in life.” He goes on to say with that “strengthening of will” it has helped him to “overcome anything” like the “mental barriers” life throws at you.

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Michael has become more engaging with his fans by doing more Facebook Live, Tweets and more. At first he was “kicking and screaming” because he felt somethings were sacred and private. But now, he’s “recognized his position as a leader,” so he’s realized he’s put on the earth to help entertain and enhance others quality of life. He enjoys helping people and stays “spiritual loyal to his friends.”

Tasha Smith And Michael Jai White Exclusive

He goes on to say that he’s arrived to a point in his life where it all makes sense these days. Jai White has been able to embrace himself as a role model since there is a “limited number of role models where I come from.” He feels that it wasn’t a choice for him not to be a role model, its a way of life, it comes natural to him.

Michael says when he films out of country, he always checks in with the communities where the project is filming so he can help others. He believes helping people is paramount to acting.

He believes that 2018 is the time to start making it happen. 2018 is the year to get your art out there, make your craft known and stop waiting for the “gate keepers” to let you in.

To hear the FULL interview head over to CyrusWeb…

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