Michael Jackson’s Kid want MJ Hologram


Michael Jackson’s Kid want MJ Hologram

Michael Jackson’s kids are missing their father and now it’s being said that Paris, Blanket and Prince want a hologram of their father in their home and around the house so it feels like he’s still alive.

Yuck! We understand missing your father, but having a hologram around the home is odd, could you imagine seeing your dad saying “good morning” after he died?

Would you ever heal from the loss?

Anyways CelebNMusic247.com has learned from our friends at DishNation.com, who got the drop on MJ’s kids wanting a lifelike Michael in the house.   Paris, Prince and Blanket are apparently working on having a hologram of their dad designed for their Los Angeles home!

According to a family insider, the King of Pop’s children were so impressed with the amazing likeness of their father at the Billboard Music Awards back in May that they’ve been looking into having one created for their own personal enjoyment. 

A family source confided:

“I know it sounds crazy, but Prince and Paris are seriously looking into getting a hologram of Michael Jackson,”

“They especially want to do it for Blanket who went nuts when he watched the Billboard performance and still watches it religiously on his smart phone. Oddly enough, most of the family thinks it’s a great idea, but Katherine Jackson isn’t too keen on having a life like replica of her son moonwalking in the living room.”

A recent report states that Michael Jackson’s estate has grown so much in value that his children Prince, 17, Paris, 16, and 12-year-old Blanket’s yearly allowance was increased from $5 million to $8 million.

Dish Nation spoke to Digital Domain, originally founded by “Titanic” director James Cameron, the creative minds behind the Tupac Shakur hologram that made headlines at the Coachella Music Festival in 2012.

When we asked if the Jackson family, especially Michael’s children, had contacted them about creating a home version of the “Billie Jean” singer, Tiffany Tetrault abruptly said, “I can’t say anything about that.”

If Paris, Prince and Blanket have their way, we may get to see a Jackson 5 reunion after all.

Money is definitely not an issue, since it’s been reported that Michael Jackson has made $700,000,000 since he died.