Marshall Henderson Disgusted by Michael Sam Kiss

May 12th, 2014


Marshall Henderson: Michael Sam Kiss is Nasty

After Michael Sam learned he was drafted by the NFL, he kissed his boyfriend, and Marshall Henderson sounded off that he’s boycotting Sports Center!

It was a very important step for the gay community, but is the rest of America ready to watch two men making out? What does that say to our children who haven’t seen men kissing?

Well has the drop on Marshall Henderson who is SOUNDING OFF for the rest of America who is NOT ready to support GAYS IN SPORTS! Henderson is DISGUSTED by Michael Sam calling the kiss “Nasty Sh-t!”

Henderson took to social media to BLAST Sports Center for showing Sam and his boyfriend over-joyed and kissing while eating cake.

He tweets:

Henderson has come under fire for his hateful opinion on GAYS being allowed to play in sports, so he quickly sings a new tune.

He claims that it was a case study to see how American‘s would react to his side ways comment.

He writes:

Was Marshall Henderson out of line?




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