Michael Blackson Just F’d Up With 50 Cent; Now He’s Begging For Extension

Michael Blackson Just F'd Up With 50 Cent; Now Begging For Extension

Comedian Michael Blackson is messing with the wrong one. Over the weekend the comedian picked a fight with legendary music mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

One for certain, 50 Cent doesn’t give two F’s about Michael Blackson b–ching and complaining. Check out the latest because Michael Blackson is looking hella dumb begging 50 Cent for an extension…


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#NoDisrespectButWithAllDueRespectIHaveNoRespect fuck you @50cent

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CelebNMusic247.com has the latest feud between comedian Michael Blackson who BLASTED 50 Cent who claims that he owes him money.

50 Cent has been promoting his Tycoon weekend party in New York City for the past two weeks, and a few nights ago Michael Blackson took a loan from 50 Cent.

Big mistake, because it was a loan, but Michael is claiming it was a gift since 50 didn’t press on paying the money back right away. No, Blackson should have known better and just paid.  He did not and now he is the next celebrity to be trolled for filth by Fiddy.

See, Michael amplified his mistake by choosing to beef with Fifty over MONEY.

We all know that 50 Cent doesn’t play when it comes to his bag, and now Blackson will be feeling the rath of Fiddy!

Apparently Michael likes to play with fire, because taking money from 50 Cent has serious consequences.

In the past few months, 50 has publicly embarrassed dozens of celebrities who owe him money – including Bow Wow and actor Jackie Long.

50 Cent FIRED BACK with a few posts to let Michael know exactley where he stands:

The “I Get Money” rapper posted this:

Oh so now you mad, mad ?I don’t give a fuck where is my money Micheal ????? LOL #The King


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?LMAO @michaelblackson TYCOON ready we lit ?MSG POWER premier. LOL #TheKing #bransoncognac

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Miacheal is now begging for an extension to pay 50 Cent:

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