Memphitz & Toya Fake Marital Troubles


Memphitz & Toya Fake Marital Troubles

Damn for real ya’ll? Apparently Memphitz & Toya Fake Marital Troubles all for the sake of creating buzz for reality TV. just got word that Memphitz & Toya Wright were faking their marriage problems for their new reality show.

Can you believe it that Toya went as far as confirming marital problems with Memphitz blaming K Michelle for split?


Don’t be hard on yourself if you believed the rumors because we were ALL lied too about Memphitz & Toya Wright Fake Marital Troubles.

After being caught faking the funk Memphitz & Toya Wright have come clean:

Just as the reports reached critical mass MempHitz sarcastically admitted their ruse had been discovered and that everyone should tune in for their new reality show, “The Wright Thang,” on VH1.

Memphitz took to IG posting this message:


Shortly after Memphitz’ post Lil Wayne’s ex-wife went HAM in a statement putting the reality show rumors to rest once.