Memphitz BLASTS K Michelle Again


Memphitz BLASTS K Michelle Again!!!

Mickey Wright loves to attack his ex K Michelle every chance he can get so once again Memphitz BLASTS K Michelle Again.

According to Memphitz, who is still furious his defamation lawsuit against K Michelle, Mona Scott-Young and VH1 was an EPIC FAIL has more to say about the R&B singer.

In a recent interview Memphitz took some more shots at K Michelle accusing her of faking a pregnancy while they were together.

The reason why Memphitz claims that she is K faked a pregnancy is because he got a reversible vasectomy at the time.

Here is how Mem puts it while talking to VLAD TV:

“Uh yeah, and I had to bust her f*cking a*s out and be like, ‘Let me tell you something. She was like what? I can’t have kids.’

“Silence. Liars go into silence when you expose that a*s.”

Check out the video below [K Michelle talk begins a t the 5:00 mark]:

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