Melanie Paige Smith Doesn’t Want T.O.’s Child Support Reduced


(CelebNMusic247) It was just a matter of time before the good news was tarnished with some baby mama drama from Melanie Paige Smith.

Terrell Owens baby mama, Melanie Paige Smith and his other baby mamas are dead serious about him paying up on his duties as a father. Word is none of them want the child support reduced, becuase  they can’t live without it and it is their only source of income.  – Flip and read on…

The Atlanta attorney for Melanie Smith, the mother of one of Owens’ four children, said Wednesday, that he would move for dismissal of Owens’ request to have his $5,000-a-month payments reduced.

In an email to the AJC, Randall M. Kessler said, “Now that Terrell Owens has a new contract with the Seattle Seahawks, we will soon file a motion to dismiss the request for a reduction in child support he filed last month. We are glad that he is back in the NFL and wish him the best. This will benefit him and his children.”

T.O. has to pay a grand total of $44k to all of his baby mamas and they aren’t going to give him any breaks.

They want every penny, but really, do you blame them?

He helped to make them babies, so he needs to step up don’t ya think?


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