Melania Trump Plagiarises Michelle Obama 2008 Speech

Melania Trump Plagiarised Michelle Obama 2008 Speech


Is this what we can exect from Trump’s first lady? Melania Trump plagiarised Michelle Obama 2008 Speech…This is a joke!!!

Flip and see the evidence on the blatant Plagiarism of Michelle Obama 2008 Speech by Melania Trump…

Melania Trump Plagiarises Michelle Obama 2008 Speech has steered clear of the run for President, but after watching the Republican potential first lady Melania Trump we had to weigh in.

America you’re being fooled by the circus called Donald Trump the GOP Republican candidate. His wife stole every word from America’s First Lady Michelle Obama, a Democrat. This already shows that Trump was a side-show the somehow tricked America by bullying his competition to stand down. Then all he does is slander his opponents to make himself look better to Republicans.

Since Trump has run for President racism is at an all time high. His rallies have all had some type of race fight. Plus he has no real agenda. We guess he will plagiarise a previous Presidents plans since Trump has always been a business man for himself. He has NEVER been there for the people. He is a real estate mogul out to gain profit. He is a capitalist 100% through and through. When has Trump gone out to help the poor, done charity work, and we don’t mean cut a check and have his people work for him?

Melania Trump’s speech just goes to show you how ill prepared they are and how fraudulent Trump is going to be if elected.

Why is America letting him fool everyone with clowns, elephants, tiger jumping through hoops and a trapeze act? He is the ring leader and this time America is going to be his circus. Puppets on a string!


What do you think about Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama 2008 Speech? And what is more interesting is why did Melania steel from a Democrat speech?

The Trump’s are proving no originality, ALL show and NO REAL DO!  We guess the Democratic party has better points of view and are for the people. Unlike Trump!

Don’t be fooled America NO ON TRUMP!



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