Megan Thee Stallion Threatens Makeup Artist For NDA Violation

Megan Thee Stallion Threatens Makeup Artist For NDA Violation

Megan Thee Stallion Threatens Makeup Artist For NDA Violation!

Apparently Megan Thee Stallion’s makeup artist Akil McCoy stepped out of line, and now she’s reeling him back in check with a cease and desist letter. Read on to see why Megan Thee Stallion threatens makeup artist… reports that Megan’s lawyer, Dina LaPolt sent her makeup artist Akil McCoy a cease and desist letter violated the nondisclosure agreement he has with the rapper by mentioning the work they do together.

It appears Megan Thee Stallion has an NDA with her makeup artist Akil McCoy stating that he can NEVER speak about the work he does with her.

The issue stems from Vogue’s episode of 24 Hours With Megan Thee Stallion.

During the five minute video, Vogue follows the rapper through her daily activities—including her makeup routine.

Megan says while doing her makeup at the video’s 1:27-minute mark:

I like Akil a lot. And we get into it every day. I’m like ‘Don’t do it like that. Don’t put it like that friend.’ And he’s like ‘I’m not.’ … And he doing it how the f–k he wants to do it.

When Megan put a clip of the video on her Instagram, McCoy must have seen this as the perfect opportunity to plug his work as he commented :

‘Makeup by Akilaface’ under the post.

Well, the comment got him in hot water with the rapper and her team. Especially since  Megan demanded that he delete the comment once she saw his shameless plug.


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McCoy was then instructed by the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper to NEVER speak about their professional relationship again or she might be forced to take him to court.

Our Thoughts on Megan Putting A Gag NDA Agreement on her Makeup Artist:

We think that is truly SAD that Megan feels so compelled to keep her makeup artist on a hush order all the time. If it is NOT for him making The Stallion look like the beauty she is in videos and on stage, she would not be popping as she does.

He deserves people to let him know that he is her make artist so he can grow his client base just like she drops tracks and expands her career. It’s a bit foul that she is locking his career growth.

Check out her newest Coach’s holiday ad campaign, all thanks to Akilaface:


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