Meg Ryan + John Mellencamp Split; Engagement OVER

Meg Ryan + John Mellencamp Split; Engagement OVER

Meg Ryan + John Mellencamp Split; Engagement OVER!

Yup, Meg Ryan + John Mellencamp have called it quits – enough is enough! Read on to get more details on why Meg Ryan + John Mellencamp Split…

Meg Ryan + John Mellencamp Split; Engagement OVER reports that Meg Ryan, 57, called time on her eight-year on/off romance with the 68-year-old musician.

According to sources, Meg Ryan + John Mellencamp now claimed there were ”too many ups and downs” in their relationship.

An insider told E! News:

Meg ended it. It got exhausting for her to deal with. There were too many ups and downs and it wasn’t healthy. She just needed to get out and not be in that environment anymore. It’s for the best and she can focus on herself for a while. She cares about John but it was time for her to move on. She knows she made the right decision and is happy.

Earlier this week, it was said Meg had “had enough” with John which prompted the split.

Another source said:

The ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ star had enough and ended [their engagement]. She has no regrets.

Meg was spotted out without wearing her engagement ring.

Instead of worrying about marriage, she is taking the time to focus on her career and make a move into producing and directing. She is also continuing to “figure out how to provide” for her two children, 15-year-old Daisy, and 27-year-old Jack.

Meg said:

I’m focused on producing. I’m also teeing myself up to direct, and I’m working on a fun e-commerce project with some of my friends. But most of all, what I’m ambitious for in the 12 hours a day that I’m awake is my kids’ happiness. I just am. I’m either figuring out how to provide for them, figuring out how to say it right, figuring out all those mom things. I want them to be happy.

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