Meet The Cast of Party Down South


Meet The Cast of Party Down South!!!

There’s a new reality TV series kicking off on the CMT Network tonight and it’s called Party Down South by the creators of Jersey Shore.

This time around the Viacom family takes you down south to see how young adults in South Caroline get down and dirty when they get drunk and promiscuous. Party Down South will follow their exploits as they ‘work hard and party even harder’.

We would like to introduce you to the new cast members of Party Down South and no there is NO Situation or Snookie this time around, or at least not yet!

Meet The Cast of Party Down South on CMT…

Kicking off the new cast it Josh Murray aka Murray, a 31-year-old loveable redneck teddy bear (if teddy bears had tattoos and loved to party) from Louise, Miss.

Lyle Boudreaux, a 28-year-old momma’s boy who grew up in the backwoods swamps of Lafayette, La. He considers himself a down-home gentleman with a Cajun swagger.

Ryan Richards “Daddy”,  a 33-year-old southern ladies man from Orange Beach, Ala. He refers to himself as “Daddy.”

Walt Windham, is a 26-year-old wild redneck from Frankfort, Ky. He has an appetite for danger and the inability to say no to a dare.

Lauren White, 21, is ready to get of her mother’s house, party hard and get her extensions dirty. She loves to go mudding, has a weakness for country guys

Mattie Breaux, a 24-year-old former beauty queen from Gheens, LA. Standing tall at 6’3 with heels on, Mattie is never shy to speak her mind.

Taylor Wright aka “Lil Bit”,  is a cute, country girl who, despite her petite build, isn’t afraid to stand her ground and make sure her voice is heard.

Tiffany Heinen, is a farmer’s daughter, with a pet pig named Rooster. This 25-year-old, from Eunice, La., grew up on a 180-acre farm surrounded by rice fields and alligators.

The new series is created by Jersey Shore mastermind, SallyAnn Salsano, CMT bosses are sure to be hoping she can repeat the success of her hugely popular reality series.

We would like to rename the cast and  will be ready to give the dish after we view the premiere of Party Down South.

Check the trailer:


Party Down South premieres January 15 at 9.58pm ET/PT on CMT in the U.S.