Meek Mill Free: His First 24 Hours

Meek Mill Free: His First 24 Hours

What did Meek Mill do once he got out of jail after being locked up for the past 5 months?

Get details on rapper Meek Mill who has gone on record stating that he may be out of jail but he doesn’t feel like a free man.  Read on to get all the tea on Meek Mill and his feelings after being released on bail, and the first things he did once he got out the pin…

Meek Mill Free: His First 24 has the latest on Philly rapper Meek Mill who was arrest back in December for

Meek Mill ended up in a Pennsylvania prison roughly a decade after his 2007 arrest. It was announced that he was released from prison last night, so the first thing he did was jump a chopper and headed over to the 76ers playoff game the Miami Heat.

Meek was spotted sitting with his son and Kevin Hart at the game. Mill also rang the bell at the Philadelphia 76ers playoff game hours after being released. The 76ers won.

Next, Meek enjoyed his first post-prison meal after the Philadelphia 76ers’ big Game 5 win over the Miami Heat this week. Meek ate the fish at Philly’s high-end restaurant, Buddakan, alongside co-owner Michael Rubin and star player Joel Embiid.

In the photo of Meek and his son, the Philly rapper captioned the photo saying:

This is what i care about our kids need their fathers especially a hard working men that provides for many I’m proud of how our people stood together for @meekmill now let’s continue the fight for the voiceless many who have endured many injustices s/o to Des and jay and the whole Rocnation God is great.

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After dinner, Meek Mill sat down with Lester Holt for NBC’s ‘Nightly News,’ to explain why he doesn’t feel free and hasn’t since he was a teenager.

REWIND: How did this all start for Meek Mill?

It all started back in 2007 when Meek ended up in a Pennsylvania prison. He was charged with assault, drug and gun possession. According to a criminal complaint, he pointed a firearm at a police officer and was forcibly subdued.

In 2008, he was convicted of charges including simple assault, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, possession of a loaded weapon.

Mill ended up being sentenced to 11- to 23 months behind bars, seven years of probation. Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley says the term was “considerably shorter” than it could have been in 2009. She wrote that the court wanted to “give him an opportunity to turn his life around from selling drugs and instead focus on his musical talent.” He was released from jail after five months and paroled under house arrest.

Meek Mill Troubles Continue:

Between 2010-2012, Mill tested positive for marijuana and opioid use. He continued his troubled ways in 2011 being found on a technical violation after testing positive for opioid, He didn’t get jailed.

By 2012, Mill’s travel outside Philadelphia was suspended after he delayed his court dates rescheduling them several times because of “unavailability and failure to communicate with his attorney.”

In 2013, Meek was found in violation of probation for traveling outside the city but is not jailed. He ended up violating probation in July of 2014 for failing to report to his probation officer, making unauthorized travel plans and ignoring the court’s orders. He landed himself back behind bars for about five months and given an additional five years of probation.

Meek Mill Legal Problems and Violations:

In 2015, the “All Eyes on You” rapper is back in court for his fourth hearing for violations. Meeks antics continued showing he learned nothing. Authorities say he didn’t report to his probation officer, disobeyed travel restrictions and submitted a sample of cold water for a urine test. After Nicki Minaj testified and his attorney said his work makes it hard for Meek to comply with orders restricting his travel, his sentencing was scheduled for February.

In 2016, he landed himself 90-days of house arrest and community service. He didn’t stay out of trouble.

Fast forward: his misbehavior and antics caught up to him in 2017, when Judge Brinkley sentences Mill to two to four years in prison for violating probation. He was cited for a failed drug test, failure to comply with an order restricting his travel and two other unrelated arrests. One in St. Louis for a fight in an airport where against him were later dropped and the other for reckless driving in New York City where he took a dismissal deal.

Meek Admits Wrongs, But Judge Isn’t Hearing Excuses Anymore:

In December, Mill admits to the violations but says jailing him would likely end his musical career. Brinkley wasn’t hearing him and denied the motion to allow the 30-year-old rapper to be bailed out.

After being jailed, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, and Kevin Hart visit Meek in prison. The power men, all team together an finally get Philadelphia district attorney’s office to grant Meek that the drug and gun convictions should be thrown out and he should be granted a new trial.

On April 24, the state Supreme Court directs the judge to immediately issue an order releasing Mill on unsecured bail.

Mill says he would now focus his attention on getting his convictions overturned, and that he looks forward to resuming his music career.  The Supreme Court denies a defense request to move the case to another judge, but the presiding judge could opt to remove herself.

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