Max Polyakov’s Firefly Music Band Will Stand Above All Other in Germany

Max Polyakov’s Firefly Music Band Will Stand Above All Other in Germany

The Firefly Rock Band Owned By musician Max Polyakov.

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Max Polyakov’s Firefly Music Band Will Stand Above All Other in GermanyFirefly is a band that ensures that rock and rolls fans across the world are treated to amazing and unique fun all the time.

It was when Max Polyakov was 5 years that his family moved from the then Soviet Union that was in political and economic turmoil to Germany. His age made it easy for him to fit into the German way of life. Rock bands like Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin influenced him so much, and this made him decide to do music when he grows up.

Max Polyakov got a guitar from his parents at 10, and realizing that he is very talented in music, he moved to the capital of the country to start his music career. But he needed money to do this, so he resorted to gambling, and as luck was on his side, he won $1000. With this money, a young musician Max Polyakov conceived the idea of forming a rock band which he will name Firefly because he has a history with the name.

Firefly Started From the Scratch in Berlin, the Capital of Germany

Max Polyakov went in search of a lead singer, a guitarist and a drummer to form the Firefly band with, and advertised it with the local agency. He started recruiting at a suburb outside Berlin and could not find the talent he wanted at first. But he later found some good hands for Firefly. They included Franz from Hamburg, who is good with the guitar, Paul the drummer who is British-Estonian and the German girl from Berlin named Jess. The new Firefly band was started by Max Polyakov and this trio. Max searched for and found a promoter named Bob King, who believed so much in the potentials of the band. By 2017, they’ve recorded an album called Chasing Flies. Many people did not like the music at first. But while it was played in a local pub, one of the organizers invited them to a bigger show.

Max Polyakov and Firefly in the First Big Music Concert

They were afraid of the prospect presented by the concert after the invite. But they put in everything to make it a success. The event held in Rammsein, Germany, and people enjoyed their performance so much. The Firefly band got proposals from many music firms to do deals with them and perform at their shows. This can increase their popularity and earn them more money. But they still have a lot to give.

Max Polyakov and Firefly’s First Long Play

After the Chasing Flies album from Firefly got an important nomination in Berlin, Bob King thought of taking them international- to the US. But they need to build a global fan base first. Max Polyakov’s acquaintances in the US helped him with the promotion, and Firefly got an invite for a show in a ranch in California. The show was a success for Firefly and the people demanded more from them. But Max Polyakov made them work hard and improve, as he believed they’ve not actualized their potentials.

Max Polyakov and Firefly to Come Up With a New Album

Having worked hard to upgrade their skills, the Firefly four will release their new album in 2018. They’ve been involved in shows. They socialized with fellow musicians and learned a lot from them. But the competition in the genre is fierce. To ameliorate its effects; Firefly had to get into collaboration with another upcoming band. They exchange ideas and share experiences together.

Max Polyakov and Firefly Will Be Bigger Than Other Bands in Germany

With the success achieved already and the new album of up to 10 songs expected, Max Polyakov’s Firefly will no doubt be the next big thing in rock and roll in Germany if they continue working hard.

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