MasterChef 4 Winner Luca’s Cook Book Out Now

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MasterChef 4 Winner Luca’s Cook Book Out Now

The Italian cook with a dream to open his own restaurant and write his family recipes in a cook book has come true, because MasterChef 4 Winner Luca’s Cook Book Out Now.

Here is what Luca has to say about his cook book:

Most of my family memories revolve around food, especially family holidays, and everyone knows how important food and wine are in Italian culture. Here are the recipes passed down from my nonnas(grandmothers) that reflect the warm, rustic flavors of Friuli, Italy: rich frico, risotto, and savory polenta. I also love the lighter bites, perfect with a glass of wine: crostini with ricotta and honey, or a tramezzini, the Italian version of English high-tea sandwiches. And I didn’t forget the sweets—from the tiramisu I made with my mother when I was eight years old to the famous basil panna cotta I made to help win me the title of MasterChef.

I love to teach, and I’ll show you the fundamentals of fantastic Italian food, including homemade stock (I swear, it’s easy), pasta from scratch, and more. My Italian Kitchen is packed with the food that I love and that you and your family will love too. (Plus I’ll tell you some good behind-the-scenes stories from Season 4 of MasterChef!)
Grazie! And welcome to my kitchen.