Master P Weighs in on Kevin Hart's Hurricane Harvey Challenge

Master P Weighs in on Kevin Hart’s Hurricane Harvey Challenge


Master P weighs in on Kevin Hart and his recent challenge to get celebrities to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims. While everyone took Hart’s challenge his celeb friends to donate $25,000.

Kevin Hart named a list of celebs including DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, The Rock, Steve Harvey, Dave Chapelle, Beyonce Jay Z, T.I. and more… has the latest development from celebs across the board thanks to Kevin Hart’s challenge. The only person questioning Kevin is Master P.

Here is the video that kevin posted asking his celeb friends to donate the same amount he did to the Red Cross in what he has called the Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge. Watch Kevin and all the celebs who responded:

Master P acknowledges Hart’s efforts, but feels it’s not necessary. Percy Miller aka Master P feels that celebrities shouldn’t have to be challenged to help donate, but these days, people only react to challenges on social media.

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We understand Master P’s point of view that it should come from the heart, but Kevin used his star power for a good cause. The only problem with donating to Fema and the Red Cross is that 65% of the money goes to the organization and NOT the people in need. The 65% goes to pay Fema and Red Cross employees. What is left is 35%, but not all of that goes to victims either.

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What sucks about all these organizations is that they usually donate only 15% – 20% of the monies donated so that means for ever 25k only $6,250.00 goes to helping the victims of huricane Harvey.

Master P thinks people shouldn’t have to be forced to give $25,000, because all donations – big or small – are welcome.

‘I’m blessed that Kevin Hart made a donation but I feel like he don’t have to do that because it’s not necessary’, he said. ‘A lot of people gonna do what they wanna do, it’s their money. We made a donation but it really don’t matter what it is as long as you’re giving from your heart. I don’t think you have to do that with other people.’

In the same video, Percy Miller, stresses the need to help:

“It’s crazy how it’s the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Harvey has definitely devastated Houston, Texas, and a lot of people in the surrounding areas. A lot of people are suffering. Houston really needs help.”

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