Mary J Blige Gets OUTED By Jaguar Wright

Mary J Blige Gets OUTED By Jaguar Wright

Mary J Blige Gets OUTED By Jaguar Wright!

According to Jaguar Wright, Mary has been Gay since she broke up with

Jaguar Wright is airing Mary J. Blige’s dirty laundry and sexual preference. Doesn’t Jaguar Wright know that it’s NOT her place to OUT someone unless she’s involved with Mary? Read on since Mary J Blige just got OUTED by Jaguar Wright… reports that Mary J Blige is being OUTED by singer Jaguar Wright is out here spilling all of the alleged industry tea claiming that Mary J. Blige is secretly gay.

To be honest, Jaguar is probably telling the truth, but this is WRONG on so many levels.

According to Jaguar, Mary got “turned out” by a female rapper. While she doesn’t mention the rapper, she implies that it’s either MC Lyte or Queen Latifah.

A few weeks ago, Jaguar took some liberties that in our case is legally binding and give Mary the right to sue Wright.

We know a lot of people in the music industry are gay or bi-sexual, but they don’t come out because of the brand and the fear of losing a fanbase.

Mary J Blige is a superstar. Jaguar Write is a singer whose career became non-existent this is why if you are gay you don’t mess with people who have nothing to lose.

Jaguar, who claims that rapper/actor Common sexually assaulted her many years ago, goes on to say this about Mary.

What Jaguar Wright is Saying About Mary J Blige!

Wright says:

I can produce my own songs. I can sit down with a competent mix engineer and walk all the way through a mix. I can do those things Mary, can you? What can you do, Mary? Other than play dress up and eat snatch in dark places hoping nobody finds out you’re gay.

Jaguar claims:

And If I’m lying, sue me Mary. If you got the heart, let’s do the Verzuz. Or if you want to apologize to me for the way you tried to destroy my career at it’s very beginning, you can do that, too.

If you recall, Jaguar made headlines after she claimed that rapper Common tried to sexually assault her while she was asleep. She also claimed that The Roots knew that R. Kelly was allegedly abusing underage girls.


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