Marrying The Game: Does Tiffney Still Feel Game


Marrying The Game: Does Tiffney Still Feel Game???

Tonight on Marrying the Game Jayceon in on his Blood Money Tour while Tiffney Cambridge is hanging with her girl trying to move forward without Game.

While on her ‘staycation‘, Tiff reveals where she is now with her feelings toward Game.

Across the water, Game is on his sold out tour in the UK with his crew. His fans are going wild, but Game loses his voice. Can the Game still ‘turn up’ like he used to on tour?

Later he gives his assistant a bad time because she needs to get her A game up and learn time zones when traveling the world.

Game skypes the kids, but when he asks to speak with Tiffney she is no longer looking back, she is moving forward without the Game.

Game learns that he misses his kids and realizes that he is starting to learn single life is lonely. He asks to talk with Tiff, but she feels like she has moved on from Game, she is always pulled back in for some reason.

They both realize that the love has left the building, but they both still care about each other. Tiffney feels it’s best they co-parent and just remain respectful friends.

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