Marquise Jackson BLASTS Step Dad, "Don't Show"

Marquise Jackson BLASTS Step Dad, “Don’t Show”


Apparently, 50 Cent’s ex Shaniqua Tompkins may have a new man in her life, but her son Marquise Jackson is NOT feeling him at all!

We all know that 50 Cent and his eldest son Marquise Jackson don’t get along, but it appears Marquise is just like his father Curtis….

Marquise Jackson BLASTS Step Dad, "Don't Show" did a bit of trolling and noticed that Marquise Jackson has been BLASTING his “Step Dad”?

Marquise just wants his dad to be honest with him, but the two have been at war!

This could only mean that 50 Cent’s ex Shaniqua Tompkins has a new man in her life. As for, Marquise Jackson, has stood by his mothers side all through the drama between his mom and dad’s split. In return, 50 disowned Marquise Jackson which we felt was petty.

50 Cent is Marquise real father, and young men NEED a mentor in life. Fiddy, has been everything to his new son, but he forgets that Marquise was subjected to a whole lot of BS between 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins.

Fiddy should understand that his son was close to his mom, like he was to his late mother. Shaniqua Tompkins issues with 50 should be separated from Marquise.

He is obviously NOT happy with his current situation, since he posted on Instagram:

“Step Dad…LOL”

Followed by two repeated posts:

“Don’t Show…Don’t Show”

Marquise Jackson BLASTS Step Dad, "Don't Show"

Marquise Jackson BLASTS Step Dad, "Don't Show"

It appeared that Marquise was performing but he didn’t want anything to do with his alleged “Step dad”!

We don’t blame him. If 50 Cent was our father, we’d rather have our real dad be there. 50 Cent NEEDS to reach out to Marquise Jackson and mend his relationship.

It seems Marquise is calling out to his real dad through social media!


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