Dead Beat Daddy Report: Mario Winans Arrest

Dead Beat Daddy Report: Mario Winans Arrest


Y’all remember R&B crooner Mario Winans who sang “I Don’t Wanna Know”? Well he should know after what happened to him this past week.

Mario Winans was arrested in Fort Lee, New Jersey for unpaid child support. Read on to lean more on the newest dead beat daddy to join the ranks…

Dead Beat Daddy Report: Mario Winans Arrest

Over the years, there has been plenty of dead beat daddy reports, but the newest is Mario Winans who was $171K behind in child support.

Com’on Mario Winans, it’s your seed, don’t you think you should take care of your children you brought into the world? We’ve said it plenty of times, if you’re having unsafe sex and you get a woman pregnant, it’s your responsibility to take care of her and the child for the next 18+ years. Wearing a condom and only paying 10 bucks for a box is way cheaper than a kid.

If you don’t want to be known as a dead beat daddy like Mario Winans, then wrap it up.

As for, Mario Winans, his home was raided by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday where he was subsequently arrested.

His bail wasly set at the amount he allegedly owes, but he was already out on a $250,000 bond from a previous case!

In case you didn’t remember, Winans plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of failure to file tax returns. When those checks stop coming in and the singing career is washed up, we hope someone like Winans saved up or invested. If not, then we see why he allegedly owes $434,968 in back taxes after not paying any on his home between 2008-2012.

Not to mention the $171K in backed child support. If convicted, Winans could spend up to five years in prison!


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