Did Mariah Carey Shade Beyonce’s Twins

We told you about Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement, and how friends and fellow artist were congratulation. But did you hear what Mariah Carey said about Beyonce’s twins announcement? #DIVA

Flip and get the tea we just heard about Mariah Carey and her comments on Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement…

Mariah Carey Shade Beyonce


CelebNMusic247.com sees that the Butterfly wants the BeyHive to know who did what first and it’s NOT Queen Bey!

Now Mimi wasn’t over the top with her comment about Beyonce’s pregnancy, which she revealed that she’s been keeping the secret since December. No, Miriah Carey did in a very glorious Mariah style. She slipped in a comment on Beyoncé’s announcement:

Mariah complimented Bey with lots of salty sprinkles with hearts.

“Congrats Bey and Jay…I’m so happy for you both. Having twins is the most incredible experience ever! Love, Mariah and the Twins…”

Ok, lets break this down. Mariah started off sincere with “Congrats Bey and Jay.”  Then she turned on her inner Regina George in Mean Girls saying “I love your bracelet, where did you get it?” Yes, we’re talking about the “I’m so happy for you both..” #MMM realy Mimi?

But if you diseck it a bit more here is where the shade comes in during the sign off. Mariah could have put love Mariah, but she wanted to make sure Beyonce remembers that the Butterfly was the first to have twins with Nick Cannon. She signed off saying,  “Love, Mariah and the Twins…,” Not “the twins,” not “Moroccan and Monroe.”

Eeeeew girl we see you for that. LOL! Shady!

Mimi made sure to subtly let Beyonce know…I had twins first Bey!

We know, Mariah and Beyoncé are tight, but don’t get it twisted. Mimi has the best intentions when wishing well to Bey, but it just comes off very Mean Girls. But hey that’s the problem with tweets…anything could be read shady when its heartfelt.

Bottom line, Beyoncé blessed us with a twin pregnancy and Mariah has blessed Beyoncé’s blessed pregnancy and all was good.


In other news Mariah previews her new video “I Don’t” which dropped today.

#IDONT 02.03.17

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