Man Arrested for “Eat Ass” In Florida

"Eating Ass" In Florida Gets You Arrested

Who knew “Eat Ass” gets you arrested in Florida? OK, the proves that Florida police have too much time on their hands.  A Florida man arrested for refusing to remove a sticker on his pickup truck proclaiming that he eats ass.

In a video from the police officers dashcam shows that the officer was apparently offended so he pulled a Florida man over for a derogatory sticker on his car. The cop is upset because he explains that he has four kids and he would be FURIOUS if his son read that and he had to explain what it meant. Read on to watch the “Eat Ass” In Florida video has the footage of the officer trying to find a reason to arrest a Florida man named Dillon Webb for freedom speech.

Why Dillion Web “Eat Ass” In Florida video is getting police sued.

Dillon Shane Webb, 23, was stopped Sunday on a highway in Lake City, west of Jacksonville, by a Columbia County sheriff’s deputy who saw a sticker on his rear window that read, “I EAT ASS.”

Webb asks.

“How is that derogatory?”

“How is it not derogatory?” the deputy responds. “Some 10-year-old little kid sitting in the passenger seat of his momma’s vehicle looks over and sees ‘I EAT ASS’ and asks his mom what it means; how is she going to explain that?”

Webb responded:

That’s the parent’s job, not my job.

After Dillion refused to comply by taking off one of the letters, he arrested him for NOT taking off a letter.

You can hear the officer say it is NOT a citation, he decided to go by statue number 847.001 subsection 2 to arrest him because he was basically offended.  The officer on the phone asks “was he arrested before?”

He replies, “No.”

The officer on the phone says “I’m good with the arrest, so arrest him…tow his shit… and get the vehicle off the road.

Following the arrest, the man is threatening to sue the sheriff’s office for violating his First Amendment rights.

His mom shows up, and the cop explains that he is being “arrested for obscene writing on his vehicle.”

A Florida man arrested this week for refusing to remove a sticker on his pickup truck proclaiming that he eats ass will not be prosecuted, officials said Thursday.

Dashcam footage shows the deputy telling Webb that the reason he was pulled over was “the derogatory sticker” on the back of his truck.

News of Webb’s arrest — and his sticker — made news around the country.

Webb’s lawyer, Andrew Bonderud, told BuzzFeed News they were now considering “a number of potential claims” against the sheriff’s office.

Bonderud said the sticker did not meet “the rigorous standard to be found to be obscene,” not “offensive.” He also highlighted that at several points, one of the deputy’s colleagues can be heard telling him via the radio to “tow his shit.”

“Not only were they wrong on the law, but they happen to be hypocrites,” he said.

Bonderud said Webb’s sticker “didn’t satisfy the rigorous standard to be found to be obscene,” which he said, “typically refers to something that is erotic in nature.”

He insisted:

[The ‘I EAT ASS’ sticker] could be a euphemism for a number of things.

Bonderud said:

The bottom line is that he and his friends thought it would be funny…and he shouldn’t end up in jail for making a joke like that.

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