Malika Haqq Pregnant By Rapper O.T. Genesis Baby

Malika Haqq Reveals Rapper O.T. Genesis Is Her Baby Daddy

Malika Haqq Reveals Rapper O.T. Genesis Is Her Baby Daddy!

Yes, it’s true, and even though we thought this all along, it’s now been confirmed that Rapper O.T. Genesis is a daddy to Malika Haqq. Read on for more on Malika Haqq and O.T. Genesis expecting…


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A post shared by Malika (@malika) on reports that Malika Haqq celebrated her baby shower on Saturday, which was planned by celebrity event and wedding planner Mindy Weiss.

The TV personality Malika Haqq, 36,  is currently eight months pregnant with O.T. Genesis baby.

Haqq’s relationship with O.T. Genesis has been up and down. They broke up and got back together again. And recently the couple split after the news she was pregnant in 2019.

Now, Malika has publically announced that O.T. is the baby’s father.

The lavish ceremony featured decorations such as large green life-sized teddy bears, brown, white, and tan balloon arches, a cereal station, honey treats, and more.


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According to AHH, Haqq made a special speech, expressing how thankful she was to be carrying her baby boy and thankful for the father of her baby, who was revealed to be O.T. Genesis, real name Odis Flores.

Whether you brought me lunch or called me or texted me…I’m incredibly thankful to Odis Flores for my little boy.

Malika Haqq continued her speech also thanking the women in her life for their continuous support during her pregnancy.

She stated:

I have nothing against co-ed baby showers, but I will say the reason why I wanted a baby shower full of women was because it’s you women that helped me get through this pregnancy 100%.

Haqq concluded by saying:

New life is so precious. Being showered with selfless love continues to strengthen me for all the many transitions that will continue to take place. My baby shower was an act of love. Shared with an intimate group whom have been in support of my growing family. Thank you, ladies, for your wisdom, guidance, and support.

Take a look at Malika Haqq Belly Bump Photo:

Congrats to Malika Haqq and O.T. Genesis.

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