Malik Yoba Dating Carmen Carrera; Says We NEED To Rewire

Malik Yoba Dating Carmen Carrera; Says We NEED To Rewire

Do We NEED To Rewire Since Malik Yoba Says So?

Malik Yoba recently took to social media speaking about the Trans community and why we as society NEED to rewire our mindset for the new normal? But maybe his reasoning may be the fact that he is currently dating Carmen Carrera, a known Trans woman and model.

What is crazy is Transgender makes gay normal, but why should society conform to the Trans community? Read on for more on Malik Yoba Carmen Carrera dating since we got word via a reliable source… has the latest from Malik Yoba who took to social media to spit a freestyle in response to the gay rumors that he’s been dealing with since he said he loves Transwomen.

The New York Undercover star was hit with a firestorm of gay rumors following his post on Instagram.

After the rumors got out of control Malik Yoba spoke out for the Transgender community to shut it down claiming that he is a heterosexual man that loves Trans women.

We get that he is justifying his alleged “gay” lifestyle because in the eyes of society, dating a Trans person means you’re gay. You are NOT straight, but that is why he is trying to convince people we need to rewire our minds.

Malik Yoba just needs to admit the obvious instead of calling himself straight while dating his partner and known Transwoman Carmen.

We learned that Malik and Carmen are currently dating thanks to Joe Budden spilling the tea on one of his episodes while they spoke about ASAP Rocky admitting he’s a sex addict.

Why you don’t have to rewire, that is a choice!

That is Yoba’s choice in his life. Let’s remember one thing people continue to rewrite the bible and rewrite the way we are supposed to think. But the bible has never changed.

Society is trying to say if you feel like a boy then change your body, that’s great, but no matter what you change on your outer shell, you are still the gender you were born as. That means you have testosterone or estrogen in you. That also means you can NEVER understand what it truly feels like to be a man or a woman. We are put on this earth to learn from the sexuality we are born as. We are just being logical about this situation.

How Society looks at the Trans community:

In the eyes of society dating a Trans woman means that you are gay and the reason why is that a Transwoman was once a man. Most Transwomen still have the male parts, so if you’re having sex with a Transwoman it is still gay sex.

No offense to anyone in the Trans community, but let’s be real. A man who dates a Transwoman secretly has a desire for men, but this makes it ok psychologically.

Malik speaks on the terminology of Trans which is called being Cisgender (a Latin term for Trans). It is very confusing for most people, but no matter how we look at the change of society and the new way of thinking, in the end, it breaks down to straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, Hermephodite and Trans.

Whatever you describe yourself, that is up to you, but using one of the 54 new gender terms is utterly ridiculous. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are, what your gender is, and who you love.

We say do you, but don’t get caught up in the so-called “gender definitions” – these days if you’re confused that’s normal – its called growing up.

What do you think about Malik Yoba Carmen Carrera dating? Do you care?

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