Madonna Is Twining! She Confirms Twin Girls From Malawi Adoption

Madonna Is Twining! She Confirms Twin Girls From Malawi Adoption

Move over Angelina Jolie, Madonna has been granted permission to adopt four-year-old twin girls named Esther and Stella from Malawi. The Pop Star icon is going to be a mom to two more children!!!

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Madonna Is Twining! She Confirms Twin Girls From Malawi Adoption has some news about Madonna who is becoming a mom once again to two more children, twin girls this time.

She became a third & four time mom to her son David Banda from the African country in 2008, and daughter Mercy a year later.

Madonna, 58, is growing her family with twins this time around. Esther and Stella will join David Banda and Mercy James, Lordes, and Rocco.

Now, that Mariah Carey is a mom to two twins with husband Nick Cannon, and Beyonce is having twins with Jay Z. It seems that 2017 is shaping up to be the year of the twins. Well that is if your name is Madonna.

We know our theory about pop Divas having twins sounds crazy, but why now? First Mariah, then Beyonce’s announcement last week, and now Madonna?

At least Madonna is the most honest about her twins, in a way. She adopting two girls, so we know she didn’t have any type of insemination or invitro fertilization treatment to enhance the chances of twins. And before you go there, a little birdy leaked to us that Bey and Jay were trying, but they allegedly had a little help this time.  If Mariah did anything, it is unknown, but if you do some digging you would probably realize she possibly had some help too. Unless twins are in her family or Nicks.

Madonna Is Twining! She Confirms Twin Girls From Malawi Adoption

Back to Madonna, In December she tried to deny that she was adopting twins when she told People:

“I am in Malawi to check on the children’s hospital in Blantyre and my other work with Raising Malawi and then heading home. The rumors of an adoption process are untrue.”

But that appeared to be untrue, since Mlenga Mvula, a spokesman for Malawi’s judiciary confirmed Madonna is indeed adopting twins:

“Today the High Court made a ruling that she should go ahead and adopt the two children.  The singer is now free to take the girls home with her to the US.”

Normally, Madonna will now be under observation by the court for a year before the adoption process is finalized. But since she has already adopted two children from Malawi and is back and forth helping the children’s hospital in Blantyre they granted her the twin girls.

So, why is the 58-years-young adopting?

If you recall her December interview with Billboard, Madonna spoke about her love for Malawi, saying:

“I’ve been working in Malawi for over a decade. I have a huge commitment and love for the country and I will never desert them. I adopted my two children that I’m so lucky to have living in my house right now.”

Fast forward to now, an hour ago, Madonna confirmed the news of adoption:

“I can officially confirm I have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from Malawi and am overjoyed that they are now part of our family. I am deeply grateful to all those in Malawi who helped make this possible, and I ask the media please to respect our privacy during this transitional time. ?? Thank you also to my friends, family and my very large team for all your support and Love! ??????????????????????????”

Madonna is already a mom to two of her own biological children, 20-year-old daughter Lourdes, from her relationship with trainer Carlos Leon. And son Rocco, 16, from her marriage to Guy Ritchie. With her adopted children, Esther, Stella, David Banda and Mercy James, she now had six kids.

Congrats Madonna.