Love and Hip Hop Season 4 Reunion Details Revealed


(CelebNMusic247 – News) Love and Hip Hop Season 4 Reunion Details Revealed!

The Love And Hip Hop reunion show was last night and the insider spies were on high alert to get the juice.

Now here is the SQEEEEEEEZE on Love and Hip Hop Reunion Season 4 and you’re NOT going to believe your ears.

First off, this had to be the MOST Fireworks on one reunion ever, outdoing prior seasons, because the gloves were off and the ish was flying! You’re NOT gonna want to miss this show, not one second.

Here’s the dish on the Love and Hip Hop 4 Reunion Show via MTO:

It came out during the show, and so  – Nya Lee started BANGING with Erica. And we’re not talking GIRL PUNCHES either. Erica started talking crazy ad CURVED on Nya . . . and Nya put ADULT HANDS on that girl. We felt kinda bad watching her get BEAT like that. – Joe Buddens and Tahiry agreed to END THEIR RELATIONSHIP FOR GOOD. – Amina is PREGNANT!!! Yup and she claims that she is going to file to DIVORCE Peter, because he still has a relationship with Tara. But you can tell by the way she sounded . . . that she AIN’T GOING NOWHERE!!!

On the real, this is gonna be on DRAMA and ACTION FILLED reunion show that any of us has EVER SEEN.

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