Love and Hip Hop Cast Reveals Relationship Their Status


(CelebNMusic247-News) Love & Hip Hop Cast Reveals Relationship Their Status

The cast of Love and Hip Hop revealed their relationship status back stage during the reunion show.

Tahiry updates fans that she and Joe Budden are no longer together, and that she had to block him from ALL social media. She said she was taken back when he proposed to her on the reality TV series without fixing all the wrongs first. Currently they are NOT friends and they are NOT speaking.

Joe Budden also confirmed Tahiry’s words.

As for Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena, he feels that she and him keep telling each other what they want to hear. He also feels that Erica is playing the fence and when she feels like messing with Rich she does. The two are NOT being honest with each other and he hopes it ALL gets worked on on part 2 of the reunion show.

As for Amina and Peter Gunz, they are currently married but as she puts it “things are complicated.” However, Peter says that he still love Tara and Amina, but for now he is alone and working on himself since his relationship with Amina started on rocky ground.

Saigon updates his relationship with Erica Jean and they are no longer living together. According to Saigon, the arguments were too much and very unhealthy for their son and for them so she is back living with her father. He feels the they just rushed into everything…their son and moving in together. They are working towards moving back in together, but this time they are on slow.


Photo: Vh1