Lori Harvey Arrested For Hit & Run; She Was Texting Future

Lori Harvey Arrested For Hit & Run

Lori Harvey has been arrested after reportedly being involved in a hit and run!

We just got word that Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey has been arrested after she crashed her Mercedes SUV into another vehicle. Read on for details…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Lori. 22, crashed her Mercedes SUV into another vehicle, causing her car to flip over while driving home in Beverly Hills.

According to reports, Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey was returning home from spending the weekend with rapper, Future.

Yes, Lori Harvey has moved on from Diddy and is now linked to the rapper Future.

OK, Magazine and sources on social media say that Lori is believed to have been texting while driving to her new bae Future.

Sources also reveal that after the crash, the driver of the other vehicle sprung into action and pulled Lori from her car. What is worse for Lori is that she allegedly tried to make a run for it.

Instead of acting like a responsible adult and handling her business she tried to bail. SMH

Unfortunately for Lori, the cops arrived before she could escape and she reportedly hopped onto a Facetime chat with her famous father, Steve Harvey.

The Beverly Hills Police Department then arrested Lori and says she was arrested on two counts: misdemeanor hit and run, and delaying a police investigation at 9:48 PM on October 20 after she rolled her vehicle.

“She was arrested for the two charges and released on scene. Not booked. She identified herself properly and signed a written promise to appear in court.”

E! News reports:

She reportedly received a misdemeanor citation instead of being booked. We’ve reached out to the BHPD for confirmation on this and will update this post with information when made available.

Future supposedly had a brief fling with Lori in 2018, according to BET. He got salty about last December when she was photographed going jewelry shopping with Trey Songz, 34. “You ducked too late. I see you. I like that, it’s cute,” he said in an Instagram Live session, presumably directed towards Lori (and her failure to hide this other alleged romance.) At the time, Justin Combs, 25, the son of Diddy and another one of Lori’s paramours, mimicked Future’s saltiness. “Should’ve ducked sooner,” he captioned one of his now-deleted Instagram pictures.

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