Lira Galore’s Past Gets CALLED OUT


Lira Mercer aka Lira Galore were spotted partying at Atlanta’s Compound Nightclub on Saturday (October 10, 2015) Photo Courtesy: Prince Williams/

Lira Galore’s Past Gets CALLED OUT!!!

Now we all have a past and obviously Rick Ross doesn’t care since Lira Galore Past Surfaces On The Internet and now Lira Galore’s Past Gets CALLED OUT!

Before we get into the list of rappers that Lira Galore allegedly smashed she was a baller chick since it was reported that she was dating Houston Rockets player Patrick Beverley before Drake swooped in and snatched her.



Back in 2014 Lira Galore gained some notoriety when Drake flew the then V-Live stripper from Houston to his city of Toronto.

Shortly after the Drake and Lira were spotted together at multiple locations in the months following (from St. Martin for a video shoot, to NYC for Drizzy’s birthday party) RUMORS started swirling that Drake and Lira Galore were dating. Drizzy wasted no time denying that he and Lira Galore were smashing.



In a matter of days after Drake and Lira were apparently over, it was then RUMORED that she was riding Plies bus. Obviously that was either short-lived or complete hearsay since there are NO REAL photos of the two. However that didn’t keep Lira’s love for rap stars. She was then linked to Meek Mill, you know the clown of MMG that keeps dissing fellow MC’s like Wale.

Maybe Lira has something to do with that feud. Neither of the men are with her anymore, but Galore was linked to Meek and Wale, who are both MMG label mates. Basically she racked up 3 big names in less than 6 months, but there’s more!


Now this is our favorite part, Lira claims she isn’t “being with everybody” but simply, “being social.” That is great and all, but when people are just being “social” you’re not being flown to birthday parties and special event unless you smashing. But that’s cool “being social” is just the clean way of saying “smashing.”

We actually don’t care and we’re glad Rick doesn’t mind you’ve had his crew, maybe that will work for all of you in the future. We will put it like this, If you like it,  then we love it ma.

The only problem is Lira’s past list of rappers is making her look like a pass around chick since she’s allegedly had Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Wale and Justin Bieber (#YUCK)! Was Lira working her way up the chain to get close to Rick Ross? Or was she hoping her skill set would get to the ears of Ross and he would take interest and take her for a spin?


The two guys we’re NOT buying are K-Dot and Bieber….she was working in the video and Justin is too much of a RUMOR. He’s doesn’t look like he got what Lira NEEDS!

Remember we previously told you about her mom saying, Rick Ross Cheating Is Cool With Lira Galore’s Mom. We hope that isn’t true, but we’re not the only outlet who read what Lira’s mom said. Talk about selling you’re daughter short all for the love of money.

What is so crazy is just after Lira’s mom approved her future’s daughter’s husband’s infidelities, the announcement that Rick Ross And Lira Galore were engaged flooded the Internet.

We gotta ask just for the ladies reading. Who had the biggest banana? And who is the best in bed?  Does he paint in the lines or all over the place. Give us the tea girl! Our ladies want to know

As for Rick? We have these concerns – and no we ain’t trying to be messy!

What do you think Lira sees?

  • A hot sexy man that she’s madly in love with?
  • A big guy that she can grow to love?
  • Or, Money, $$$$ signs and that will make up for the man she’s gonna marry?

We know it sounds harsh, but we just being REAL!!! Sometime REAL is hard to swallow, but once again If you like it,  then we love it ma.

The reason why we asked that question is last week Lira was spotted on Instagram saying:

“#SetLife ?”

It just doesn’t sound authentic when it comes to the “love” department! Look at the photo:


Rick posted this photo the same day saying:

“We just get’n started…#TheRoberts”

Do you ma!

Rick we understand she’s one bad @ss B on your arm, but is she the one?

We looking out for Rick…he’s one of the coolest guys we’ve spoken with and we just don’t wanna see him get burned. Lira is hot, but Rick — bruh, take of the shades and see! #HipHopLife

It doesn’t matter what we think – it’s all about what Rosay thinks Lira is FIRE so he calls his fiance:

“Yung Coco Chanel x Renzel @lira_galore ?”


What do you think?

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