Lil Wayne Should Have Died

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That is what doctors are saying about the Young Money Entertainment rapper who survived a drug enduced coma from sizzurp!

Doctors are still shocked that Rapper Lil Wayne didn’t die. Technically Weezy should have died from drinking the concoction of codeine and promethazine he ingested prior to his most recent seizure, according to doctors.

Still in the hospital, he is definitely lucky to be alive.

Here’s the drop via ThyBlackman:

According to a report from MediaTakeOut, the rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, was reported to be on his death bed following the ingestion of sizzurp late last week. Those close to Rapper Lil Wayne he was close to death, however. Doctors still wonder how he survived.

Dr. Phil Dembo says:

“It’s like drinking poison.”

Dembo went on to say that if this is combined with alcohol, it’s even more poisonous.

“A person can overdose on this poisonous mixture.”

Sizzurp or bootleg, as it is also called, can increase one’s heart rate and cause serious liver damage—and quickly, too.

Lil Wayne has a history of drinking sizzurp. It’s uncertain if it caused the first seizures he suffered last week, but the second round of seizures apparently had doctors panicked.

But the near death experience doesn’t seem to phase Grammy-winning and multiplatinum-selling rapper, because he is still partying like he was before. [Click HERE if you missed the report]

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