Lil Wayne Doesn’t Apologize For Anything Against Miami Heat

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsLil Wayne Doesn’t Apologize For Anything Against Miami Heat

Lil Wayne claims that he had too much to think that night after he stirred up controversy over NBA All-Star Weekend after taking shots at the NBA, the Miami Heat, and Chris Bosh’s wife.

Wayne called up to 99 JAMZ in Miami to clear the air.

Weezy claims that he had the right to say what he wants, especially at his own party on his own stage during the All Star Weekend. Wayne claims that he’s sorry and he apologizes to LeBron James because he’s the homie and he has a good relationship with his mom., but as for the rest of the Heat – he ain’t sorry!

However, he stuck to his word about his statement on sleeping with Bosh’s wife.

Later in the interview, Wayne explained how the beef between him and Dwyane Wade started. It stems from a recent Heat vs. Lakers game where they had a heated exchange. He also says he has the right to speak his mind because he spends $1.5 million a year for his court side seats.

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