Lil Kim Dropping New Music with Remy Ma, Beyonce and More…

Lil Kim Dropping New Music with Remy Ma, Beyonce and More...

Stay tuned hip-hop heads one of the illest female rappers is finding her way back to the mic to spit some tracks with some of hip hop’s respected heavyweights.

When it comes to hip-hop these days, Lil Kim is ready to bridge the gap between hip hop’s many styles, trap, mumble, New York, Compton, Dirty South and more.

Read on to find out who Lil Kim is working with on her upcoming album…

The original Queen B chopped it up with DJ Whoo Kid dropping hints about who she’s been working with for her new album. has the latest on Lil Kim who revealed that she and Snoop Dogg have been a longtime friend before and through the Biggie and Tupac beef and murders.

The Brooklyn legend Lil Kim wasted no time breezing through her wild history with Faith Evans, elaborates the details on her wild history with Faith Evans.

Kim also spilled some tea that she is currently working on an upcoming biopic and documentary.

As for, who Kim is collaborating within the studio, she dropped that she is working with “lyrical beast” Remy Ma which is slated for sometime in the winter. Billboard is claiming November, but Kim says its all about timing.

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Lil Kim says that her work ethic with Remy is similar to the days when Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G. worked to make each other sound better.

Kim answers all the questions and even cleared the air over her role in the East Coast/West Coast rivalry.

She goes on to say she and Beyonce have been sharing some love to each other on social media like the Beyoncé, “Crush on You” post.
You might remember, Queen Bey dressed in five iconic Lil Kim looks and even had hubby Jay-Z play along as Biggie. If that wasn’t a hint, then see what the Notorious K.I.M. is saying!

Lil Kim Dropping New Music with Remy Ma, Beyonce and More...

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