Lil B Verbally Attacks Joey Bada$$

130-Lil B Verbally Attacks Joey Bada$$ -1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsLil B Verbally Attacks Joey Bada$$

Lil B has decided to go after one of hip hop’s most promising up and coming artists out of  Brooklyn.

B has set his lyrically attack on Joey Bada$$, on a track called “I’m the Bad A$$,” because his fallen associated Capital STEEZ dissed Lil B on the song “Survival Tactics.” STEEZ died over the Christmas holiday’s.

Once Joey got word of the track, he addressed the diss via Twitter.

He tweeted:

“Don’t let me ether this n***a yo!!”

“Truthfully basedgod, your not worth the time.. Im glad eye was tho.. Keep bangin.”

“Im about to blaze to this sh*t, cant believe the basedgod dedicated his appreciation for me on a song! So amped.”

 “If i was to diss this n***a im gettin DMX on the hook, game on the adlibs, joe budden verse 2 and the nigga who knocked him out to record it.”

Lil B needs to stop, the man is dead and for him to lyrically attack now is whack!

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