Liam Gallagher Misses Noel; He Wants to ‘Hug it Out’

Liam Gallagher Misses Noel; He Wants to 'Hug it Out'

Oasis was a great band until the brothers no longer got along causing Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallager to go their separate ways.

Now, its been eight years since the two brothers have split and Liam Gallager admits that he misses his brother and the joy of making music. Read on…

Liam Gallagher Misses Noel; He Wants to 'Hug it Out'

A new report is claiming that Liam Gallagher wants to stop feuding with his brother Noel and just “hug it out.” They’re brother for heaven sakes!

Liam Gallagher, 45, has been warring with his older sibling and musical rival Noel since their band Oasis split in 2009. Liam has admitted he would be open to meeting with Noel to work it out.

He said:

“I hope we make up. Not just for Oasis but for brothers. Enough is enough now. I know I wind him up. I have put it out there enough times, but I think he doesn’t want to know. I reckon we would have to meet up and hug it out, as they say.”

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The ‘For What It’s Worth’ singer recently revealed he “loves” his 50-year-old sibling he used to be in a band.

Liam concluded:

“I love my brother. The geezer I used to be in a band with – I f***ing adore him. Now he’s like guy smiley, he’s mister f***ing happy, I just look at him and I just go ‘F*** off’, that ain’t the brother I know. But the one I was in a band with, having a beer and a laugh with, without a doubt I adore him. But people do change, some for the better – some for the worse.”

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Well we hope they can work it out if possible. Regrets like that sucks. Egos got in the way and screwed everything up.