LeAnn Tries to Save Marriage to Eddie Cibrian with Baby


LeAnn Tries to Save Marriage to Eddie Cibrian with Baby

DESPERATE: Leann Rimes is ready to have another baby with her husband Eddie Cibrian, but he is refusing to give her another child.

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that LeAnn Rimes is insecure and thinks having a baby will save her marriage with Eddie.

LeAnn Rimes is reportedly going crazy to have a baby with her husband Eddie Cibrian; the only problem is he wants out of the marriage instead of grow their family.

Here is what we’ve learned about Leanne Rimes who is desperate to save her marriage that was built on an affair. Apparently Rimes is so desperate to keep Eddie she using the “I want more babies” with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville‘s ex-husband.

We can just imagine Brandi somewhere sipping on Mojito‘s and giggling about Eddie wanting a divorce. Anyways, an insider is spilling the tea on the VH1 reality TV stars of LeAnn and Eddie who may possibly dishing dirt to gain buzz for the upcoming season of their series.

Here is what an insider told In Touch about LeAnn’s desperate attempt to save her marriage.

“LeAnn longs for a baby, but [Eddie] has no interest in having a child with her…He wants to keep things just the way they are.”

“LeAnn loves [Mason and Jake, his kids from his previous marriage to Brandi Glanville], but she want her own kids with Eddie.”

“She’s insecure…She feels she need that lifelong connection to keep him–even though having kids with Brandi didn’t stop him from splitting.”

“LeAnn knows that getting pregnant would make good TV…She very manipulative and has told Eddie more than three times she was pregnant when she wasn’t, just to get his attention.”

“It made him realize that he doesn’t want to be tired to her forever…He’s pushing her into music and side projects to increase their fame and net worth.”

Leann and Eddie reality series returns to VH-1 on July 17th, 2014