Layers Are Your Best Friend In Fashion



Layers Are Your Best Friend In Fashion!!!

The weather is finally beautiful again in Los Angeles and we have a new fashionista to help you now what’s hot for the ladies, Ali’s Fashion Tips: Layers Are Your Best Friend In Fashion.

We can get back to our extra sexy fashionable looks in the sun and enjoy the weekend. The last few gloomy days had me reminiscing about NYFW.

Sure we didn’t get snow in LA, but the rain and chill was enough to make us all feel cold and layer up! Layers are your best friend in fashion, let me tell you!

Speaking of layers, some of my favorite celebs layered up for NYFW.

Love this combination for New York Fashion Week and for any cold day in NY, well done Style Council.

So when in doubt, layer up dolls!

Fashionably Yours,


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