Laughing to the Bank Coming to DVD


(CelebNMusic247-News) Laughing to the Bank Coming to DVD

One Village Entertainment, a brand of RLJ Entertainment presents a Brian Hooks, stars and directs in this hilarious comedy, Laughing to the Bank, about a down on his luck actor who won’t take hell no for an answer!

The film also stars Devyn Ashley (TV’s 1000 Ways to Die), Tabitha Brown (House Arrest, Bad Reputation) and Darrel Cherney (DisOrientation).


Brian Hooks is a hard luck actor who’s been doing the Hollywood shuffle for way too long. This B-list nobody is tired of waiting for his big shot at fame and fortune. When studio executives shoot down his idea for a new TV show, Brian and his oddball entourage decide to raise the money and produce it themselves. Now, he will have to put on the performance of his life…with the help of all the crazy characters in his head…if he wants to get his chance to be a star.

Genres: African AmericanUrbanComedySpoofs / Satire

Cast: Brian HooksDevyn AshleyTabitha BrownDarrel Cherney

Director: Brian Hooks

Language: English

Country of Origin: United States of America

Production Year: 2013

Laughing to the Bank will be available on DVD February 18, 2014