Last Known Photo of Lil Snupe Revealed


(CelebNMusic247-News) Last Known Photo of Lil Snupe Revealed

Friend of Lil Snupe, Strong Mind posted this photo as he and Lil Snupe were chilling just hours before he was shot dead.

In Lil Snupe’s Tweet’s one post shows a conversation between Lil Snupe and Cozmo:


Then hours after his untimely murder a strange post has surfaced Lil Snupes Twitter, which reads:


While DJ Smallz tells AHH:

“I couldnt believe the news I heard this morning when I got that text as soon as I woke up. It was crazy, I was just with snupe this past Sunday in Dallas, TX and we had discussed me hosting his upcoming project, ”RNIC 2?. We went over the cover art, shot some viral, talked about the features he wanted and everything. The fact that he had just turned 18 less than a week ago was crazy. Snupe had so much potential and not only in his lyrics and his drive but also the emotion and pain in his voice. You can’t buy that. That was in him. That sh*t was real. S.I.P. Smoke In Peace bro. You were taken too soon and the game needed you.”

Here is a video Lil Snupe posted on Vine: