Lars Ulrich: Metallica Returning in 2020 Stronger and Healthier

Lars Ulrich: Metallica Returning in 2020 Stronger and Healthier

We previously reported that Metallica lead singer James Hetfield admitted himself into a rehab a couple of weeks back. Now, Lars Ulrich says his bandmate James Hetfield will be back ”stronger and healthier” after they were forced to postpone their tour dates.

Metallica was due to perform in Australia and New Zealand from October 19 through to November, but they axed the shows in September so James Hetfield could return to rehab to “work on his recovery” from addiction. Read on…


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Thinking about my brother. ….sending love.

A post shared by Lars Ulrich (@larsulrich) on reports that Metallica Drummer Lars has now updated their fans to let them now James is doing everything in his power to get himself well.

Lars Ulrich admitted he and the rest of the band (Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett) have been blown away by the support of their fans. they plan to return in 2020. And get ready Aftershock 2020 because Metallica is taking over two of te three nights at next year’s festival.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich details Hetfield’s recovery:

As for Lars, he told USA Today:

[James Hetfield is] doing what he needs to; he’s in the process of healing himself. I feel bad for everybody down in Australia and New Zealand, but we’re excited to get back to full force and come back stronger and healthier than ever.

He adds:

Along the way, there’s obviously an occasional bump in the road. ”But it’s been an incredible ride, and we’re looking forward to getting back down there, hopefully, next year. I think the biggest surprise is just how positive the feedback has been from our fans and friends and peers alike.

Ulrich continues:

It’s very heartwarming, and it’s just blown our minds how much love and appreciation and support we’ve gotten in the last week since we had to postpone this. It’s an incredible thing.

James’ battle with addiction was documented in the 2004 movie ‘Some Kind Of Monster’, and he spent time in rehab after the film was released. In 2017, he revealed he had been sober for 15 years and said fear was a huge motivator in his recovery.

Meanwile, Kirk Hammett said he has tonnes of ”kick-ass” material ready for the band to work on for their follow-up to 2016’s ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’.

He said:

I have a lot of stuff written that I’ve put aside for the band — a lot of stuff. Because last album, I didn’t have any stuff, ’cause I lost most of my ideas when I lost my phone — over 500 musical ideas … It took me a long time to recover from that. And I got it into my head I had to produce twice as much — basically, I overcompensated. So, as it stands, as we speak, I have a lot of material — really kick-ass, great material.

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