Larenz Tate Wants Love Jones Sequel


Larenz Tate Wants Love Jones Sequel

Love Jones was one of the most romantic movies of the 90s that starred Larenz Tate and Nia Long and now Tate is hoping for a sequel.

We would love a follow up to Love Jones since it’s one of favorite romantic films. The movie is 18-year-old movie, but Larenz Tate, who played poet Darius Lovehall recently commented on how much love and attention Love Jones still receives today.

Larenz told

“I gotta say, there has not been one day since I’ve been on social media that someone hasn’t mentionedLove Jones.” 

Even though he is working on two new projects, USA’s “Rush” and BET’s “Gun Hill,” doing a sequel to Love Jones with co-star, Nia Long, is definitely top on his list.

“Nia and I, I’ve been trying to figure out, do we do the sequel? Is there a way to do a sequel? Is there a way to do a continuation? Or is there a way to do a part two? We’ve been creating all kinds of scenarios,” he said. “It’s still very much so at the top of our conversations. It has become a priority. We have to address this. What are we going to do because the audiences in that time, not only do they celebrate the movie, they want to see what happened.”.

“It’s really tough to figure out how you catch lightening in a bottle twice. The movie was such a success. Maybe not when it first came out, but over the years it’s become such a cult classic. It’s become such a groundbreaking movie for our generation and now the next generation is picking it up.” 

Would you want to see a Love Jones sequel?