LAPD Opens Internal Affairs Investigation into Nipsey Hussle Shooting

LAPD Opens Internal Affairs Investigation into Nipsey Hussle Shooting

LAPD opens an internal affairs investigation into why the woman who drove the getaway car in the aftermath of the shooting of Nipsey Hussle was sent home when she tried to turn herself in during the search for the killer.

Now, the LAPD’s Office of the Inspector General confirmed Monday that the Internal Affairs Group is investigating a desk officer’s response at the 77th Street station. Read on for more details on the Nipsey Hussle Shooting...

CelebNMusic247.comhas learned that LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein confirmed to the LA Times that the witness went to the station and was turned away by a desk officer’s response at the 77th Street station.

We have also learned that “early indications” show the witness was turned away due to a miscommunication following Nipsey Hussle shooting.

Capt. Gisselle Espinoza, an LAPD spokeswoman, said the matter is under administrative investigation and she couldn’t release more details.

Grand jury testimony shows the woman who drove the suspect, Eric R. Holder, away from the March 31 shooting had gone to the station because her car and license plate were on the news.

The woman, whose name has not been released, testified that she told her mother:

Oh my God! My car is on here and everything, and I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know this boy was gonna do this.

Her mother called police but was told detectives wouldn’t be available until 6 a.m. the next day, grand jury transcripts show.

When they arrived at the station the next morning, the front desk officer said “don’t worry about it” and “don’t listen to the news,” the transcript shows. The woman left the station, returning later to speak to detectives after her mother called police again.

LAPD Detective Cedric Washington testified that the woman had been turned away.

Washington said:

That is true according to the desk officer that I spoke to about it.

Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said:

OK. He apparently missed a briefing in the chief’s press conference that day, I guess.

Josh Rubenstein, an LAPD spokesman, said Monday:

We want to make sure all of policies and procedures were followed. While the initial indications pointed to a miscommunication, we have initiated an administrative investigation to ensure all policies and procedures were followed. We will review all statements that have already been given, interview all of the individuals involved, and look for any potential body cam video that may have captured the interchange.

LAPD…SMH! Never There when you really need them. They always too busy to hear the truth of what is going on. #SAD


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